Highway 30/730 interchangeConstruction manager: Dominique Laliberté, P.E.

Public projects

Bricon is the general contractor responsible for the complete construction of the 30/730 interchange – including its three overpasses, dykes, and retaining walls. This project required great precision during the construction of curved and super-elevated overpasses. We are proud to have contributed to the successful completion of highway 30.

Water treatment system for the municipality of Saint-Jacques-le-MineurProject manager: Maxime Dupéré, P.E.

Public projects

Bricon built and implemented water stabilization ponds for the municipality of Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur. We built aerated cells, access roads, and the service building housing the mechanisms for the treatment system. To do this, our teams had to take special measures to ensure the water-tightness of three basins totaling 11,000 m3.

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)Project manager: Marc Lévesque, P.E.

Private projects

Bricon carried out the excavation for the emergency building of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). The challenge of this project was to excavate in a confined space while ensuring sufficient vibration control to avoid affecting the adjacent Centre hospitalier St-Luc. With our expertise and specialized equipment, our team was able to rise to the challenge and dig deeper than 30 metres in some areas. A staggering amount of equipment was deployed to carry out this 89,000 m3 excavation using a tiered approach, all while respecting standards and deadlines. We are proud to have diligently – and efficiently – collaborated on the construction of this emergency wing.

Highway 35Project manager: Judith Aubry, P.E.

Public projects

Bricon participated in the construction of the culvert on highway 35, at the borders of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Iberville. Our company was contracted by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec to remove the old culvert and replace it with a prefabricated one. Our team also helped plan the project, notably the use of a curved construction bigger than 12 metres wide and 76 metres long. To this day, it is the largest culvert available on the market. We are proud to have finished this project within the client’s deadlines and under budget.

Route 116Project manager: Jonathan Veilleux, P.E., M.Eng.

Public projects

Bricon is currently building the public transit lane on route 116. This large-scale project spans 4km in east-to-west and will take two years to complete. The project consists of widening traffic lanes in required areas and rebuilding the borders and sidewalks. Our team will then implement the new traffic lane. As project supervisor, Bricon is overseeing a coordination of various trades to ensure the project is completed on time and under budget. As a dedicated partner, we were able to harness our expertise to find the best solutions to optimize quality and output on our sites along route 116.