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Chairman’s message

We are proud to offer a highly qualified workforce that makes all the difference at your construction site. Our experts stand out on every project thanks to their expertise, effectiveness, and professionalism. After consistently outdoing ourselves for over 25 years, we can affirm that Bricon and its team are unequaled partners.

Jean-Philippe Brissette

A team that sees beyond your project

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  • Construction
  • Superintendents and
  • On-site
  • Crushing
  • Specialized hauling
  • Mechanical department
  • Health and safety
  • Administration

Construction Execution

  • Dominique Laliberté, P.E. Construction Managing Partner

    Judith Aubry, P.E. Project Manager / Assessor

    Maxime Dupéré, P.E. Project Manager

    Jonathan Veilleux, P.E., M.Eng. Project Manager

  • Jessika Chapados Assistant Project Manager

Superintendents and overseers

  • Yves Forget Director of Appraisals

    Luc Fréchette Estimator

    Serge Noel Estimator

    Valérie Jolin Administrative Assistant – Appraisals


  • Marc Vallée Construction Equipment Coordinator


  • Martin Foucrault Director of Grinding Dept.

Specialized hauling

  • Pascal Lamontagne Specialized Transport Coordinator

Mechanical department

  • Guillaume Brissette Director of Mechanical Dept., Associate

    Florent Latour Buyer

    France Poulette Administrative Assistant

Health and safety

  • Alain Laramé Safety Practitioner


  • Pierre Mercier Control Officer

    Patrick Perreault Financial Coordinator

    Caroline Fournier Accounting Coordinator

    Anne-Sophie Robitaille Human Resources / Payroll Coordinator

  • Rhiannon Lantier Assistant Coordinator, Accounts Payable & Receivable

    Gaétanne Laforest Assistant Coordinator, Accounts Payable

    Marc Laframboise Broker

Construction Execution

Dominique Laliberté, ing. Associé Directeur de la construction

Marc Lévesque, ing. chargé de projets

Judith Aubry, ing. chargée de projets / estimatrice

Maxime Dupéré, ing. chargé de projets

Jonathan Veilleux, ing., m. ing. chargé de projets

Jessika Chapados assistante chargée de projets

Superintendents and overseers

Yves Forget Directeur de l’estimation

Luc Fréchette estimateur

Serge Noel estimateur

Valérie Jolin adjointe administrative estimation


Marc Vallée Coordonnateur des équipements de chantier


Martin Foucrault Directeur du département de concassage

Specialized hauling

Pascal Lamontagne Coordonnateur du transport spécialisé

Mechanical department

Guillaume Brissette Associé, Directeur du service mécanique

Bernard Auclair contremaître de l’atelier mécanique

Florent Latour Acheteur

France Poulette Adjointe administrative

Health and safety

Alain Laramée Préventionniste en santé et sécurité


Pierre Mercier Contrôleur

Patrick Perreault Coordonnateur financement

Caroline Fournier Coordonnatrice comptable

Anne-Sophie Robitaille Coordonnatrice RH & Paie

Rhiannon Lantier Adjointe aux comptes recevables et payables

Gaétanne Laforest Adjointe aux comptes payables

Sabrina Pelletier réceptionniste

Marc Laframboise commissionnaire

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