Bricon is the construction company of the future in Quebec. On each project, we endeavour to provide impeccable service and to deliver work of the highest quality – all before set deadlines and under budget. We pride ourselves on our diverse services and a workforce that surpasses the highest industry standards. As an industry leader, Bricon is the best option for commercial, institutional, and industrial construction projects.

An industry


Civil engineering
Public works

Civil engineering Public works

Bricon has years of solid experience in civil engineering. We overcome every challenge, no matter how complex your project may be. Our numerous certifications guarantee results of the highest quality on projects carried out for public and municipal institutions.

  • Unrivaled

  • Seasoned

  • Custom

Civil engineering
Private works

Civil engineering Private works

Our experience in civil engineering guarantees impeccable quality to our clients in the private sector. On top of our 25-year service record, we have completed projects as diverse as they are complex. Our meticulousness, top-of-the-line machinery, and our experience works together to ensure superior workmanship. Contact us to have your project completed on time and under budget.

  • Strict

  • Innovative

  • Cutting-edge
    machinery and equipment

Specialized hauling services

Snow removal

Snow removal

Bricon specializes in custom snow removal services tailored to large-scale projects. Our expertise helps us stand out as one of the most effective and high-performance services in the industry. Our team is precise and meticulous, guaranteeing impeccable work on even the most complex jobs.

  • Eco-friendly ice removal products

  • Specialized equipment

  • Services tailored to your needs

Crushing and screening

Crushing and screening

Bricon helps you cut costs by evaluating and repurposing materials at your construction site. This turnkey service is the fastest and highest-performing on the market today. Once on-site, our experts will be able to repurpose the materials present by recycling or refining them into a finished product customized to your specifications.

  • High-output mobile factory

  • Finished product of superior quality

  • Quick set-up

Heavy equipment rental

  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Compactors
  • Loaders
  • Graders

Excavator rental

  • 8-ton excavator
  • 15-ton excavator
  • 20-ton excavator
  • 30-ton excavator
  • 40-ton excavator
  • 50-ton excavator
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Bulldozer rental

  • D5 bulldozer
  • D6 bulldozer
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Compactor rental

  • 40” Roller
  • 60” Roller
  • 84” Roller
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Loader rental

  • 2.75v3 loader
  • 3.5v3 loader
  • 4.5v3 loader
  • 6.5v3 loader
  • crawler
  • mini-crawler Bobcat type loader
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Grader rental

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  • 10 propane-fueled vehicles
  • Assistance with LEED certification
  • Quieter, cleaner equipment
  • Repurposing of materials
  • Eco-friendly de-icing products

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